CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Find, Win, and Grow Your Customer Relationships with Taybahsoft ‎Pharama CRM

Taybahsoft Pharama‎ CRM is a full Customer Relationship management (CRM) suite ‎with ‎marketing, ‎sales, ‎and service capabilities that are fast, familiar, and flexible; ‎helping ‎businesses of all sizes to find, ‎win, ‎and grow profitable Customer relationships. ‎Delivered ‎through a network of channel partners providing ‎‎specialized services, ‎Taybahsoft Pharama ‎CRM works with Taybahsoft® products to streamline ‎‎processes ‎across an entire business‎

Planning for dugs sales

Planning the dugs annual and monthly sales, compare plans with actuals

Generate Demand

Segmentation tools and ‎‎insightful ‎marketing ‎analytics ‎‎

Close Deals Fast

Gives sales professionals ‎fast access to Customer ‎data and ‎history ‎‎online ‎‎

Drive Response Service

Tools to deliver ‎consistent, ‎efficient ‎‎service that enhances ‎‎Customer ‎loyalty and ‎profitability

Works the Way You Do

Rich CRM capabilities ‎within a native ‎Taybahsoft experience

Works the Way YourBusiness Does

Flexible design and consistent process with real time business insight

Works the WayTechnology Should

Fast to deploy, simpleto customize and easyto manage