Flexible business management software that provides users with ‎the business ‎tools needed to make educated decisions and produce superior results. ‎


Why we succeed

‎Our software designed to let users to focus on achieving their business goals, ‎rather than learning how to ‎operate a new technology. It successfully ‎combines people, processes and technology‎, resulting in increased productivity ‎and efficiency and driving ‎greater success for your business. Use Taybahsoft ‎applications to automate your ‎General Accounting and Cash, Customers, ‎Vendors, Inventory, Cost accounting, HR and Payroll, ‎Production, and ‎Financial, based on Microsoft ‎development technologies‎



Taybahsoft established and registered 2007 under the umbrella of the ‎‎Egyptian low of investment to propose complete tech. solutions for the ‎‎growing IT demand market in the Middle East



Our vision is to be the first IT Company in the Middle East by the end of ‎‎2017‎



In the way of achieving our vision we succeeded to propose many complete ‎‎IT solutions for the market, Taybahsoft wide range products and ‎services ‎supports large, medium and small enterprises



Employees in Taybahsoft are highly qualified and experienced.  Taybahsoft ‎‎also support the employees continuously training strategy to keep the high ‎‎quality of our services, we believe employees are assets not just workers.‎



As we support many business platform applications, so we have customers in ‎most business fields such Manufacturing (Modcar, Elsafeer), Commercial and ‎trade companies (Trust pharmaceuticals), Contracting (Tectra), Real Estate ‎‎(Pyramids) and much more‎


We have the highest level of customer satisfaction‎